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June 24 2014

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Fall River Homes for Sales are definitely worth more than a look

The Fall River Community is located to the North Eastern part of the Bedford Basin. The area is well known for the presence of many lakes which make the region famous for water sports. The presence of the lakes also add to the scenic beauty of the region and make the landscape highly picturesque and breath taking.

However the community is just not famous for its natural beauty alone. The Fall River community is famous for the presence of many schools and retail showrooms which make the area hub for the neighboring communities. The Fall River Community also boasts of a 18 hole golf course and two major parks.

Location wise, The Fall River area is well connected by road. A major city, Halifax is just a 20 minutes drive away. Halifax is the commercial and educational hub and being so close to Halifax makes the area very desirable for prospective home buyers.

The Fall River real estate have much variety in terms of price, build and their age. You could find a nice lakefront home if you want but be prepared to shell out a premium for the same. Home prices may start as low as $80,000 and could very well touch $1,000,000 or more. There are houses built in the ornate Victorian style and some houses are over 100 years old. If the prospect of living in an old home doesn’t excite you, you might as well settle for a modern design house complete with all the amenities of the present lifestyle.

You could either choose to shop at a number of small stores right here in the Fall River or drive a 10 minute stretch to Bedford which is very developed in terms of shopping. The Bedford community has a series of malls which serve everything from daily shopping needs to high and fashion labels. Common stores like Costco, Wal-Mart and Future Shop are located in Halifax which is 10 minutes drive from Bedford.

 In conclusion, The Fall River Community is an excellent choice to settle down as it offers you’re the luxury of being right in the lap of nature while not having to miss out in the conveniences of the modern daily life.

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